Tuesday, 19 February 2013

No.9 Brazil and Elano

At number nine in my top ten viewers is Brazil and the player I have chosen for them is Elano.

I have chosen Elano because he was the first glimpse of real class the City fans had seen for years when he arrived.

Elano was a shy man when he arrived at City but it did not stop him from settling in well, he was an instant hit with the city faithful.

He was amazingly talented, there wasn't a fault with his game in his first season. I know that every time he stood in front of a free kick that I had an expectancy of him that I had not had for any other player for a long time. City had real Brazilian magic.

Elano's City career ended up fading out, he was basically made to give up his free role in midfield and he was constantly put on the left hand side when he got playing time. The arrival of his compatriot Robinho did not help and eventually he was playing a bit part role from the bench.

I certainly would have liked to see Elano stay at City for many years but it was not to be, I am however glad that I got to see him in a City shirt when he was at the top of his game.

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