Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No.10 Ireland and Richard Dunne

At number ten in my top ten viewers is Ireland and the player chosen for them is DUNNEY.

For me Richard Dunne is the best Irish Player to ever play for City and not just in my life time, he was an inspirational character who always gave his all for Manchester City.

Dunney had his troubled times in his early years at City and was nearly booted out but he pulled himself together and went on to win player of the year several times. He was a rock for us at the back and although some might remember him for his lapses he really didn't have that many considering he put in nine years service.

The club may have treated him in a disgusting manner in the end but the fans will always remember Dunney as one of the best players to Captain the team in recent years.


  1. what a player and a true servent for us, you are correct gary cook treated him like dirt.

  2. The club may have treated him badly at the end, but so did the 'We need a player to hate' brigade, who were constantly on his back in his last season for us. I think, in the end, Dunney needed to move on, before this bunch of numbnuts destroyed him, as they have with other players at City. I hope one day they will realise that to constantly get on a players back, increases the chances of them making mistakes, but I doubt it.

  3. I liked Dunne. He always gave his all for the Sky Blue. I think some of the problem in his last season, he didn't have a strong partner in the CB position that complemented his strengths and weaknesses well. If you get players with contrasting strengths and weaknesses, they can cover for one another better, IMHO. When coaching and playing, I have always chosen players that gave a full effort, consistantly over players with pure skill but dodgey effort. I will always root for Dunnie and give him a justified applause for the excellent service he gave while he wore the City kit.

  4. Delighted to see this article! I think I must have bored all my mates to tears complaining when he was turfed out. Really delighted to see him getting praised - and I think that 4th would have been a Given (sorry - poor poor pun based on the Irish connection) if he had been playing last year. I'd take him back tomorrow and shift Kompany to the holding role.

  5. Gary cooke did not treat him like dirt at all, clear case of fan banging on when in complete honesty they had no clue how the situation developed behind the scenes.

    Richard dunne happily left our club with a very nice payoff an the whole on Manchester City including Gary Cooke wished him all the best.

    It is pathetic little commentors like this above who pretend to be a City fan only they don't show it with their idiotic comments.

    No they would prefer it if we stuck with mid table players and get nowhere fast, Im sure they are the same people we knew as City's doommunger brigade back in the day that I thought we left behind.

    Richard Dunne showed there was no loyalty towards City anymore from the point he scored against us for Villa, Loyalty is short lived in Sport.

    Get a grip, we gifted Richard Dunne more seasons than he actually deserved after all his blunders after blunder and blunder and blunder.

    He was as good as he was bad and went away laughing all the way to the bank to cash his huge pay check.

  6. Dunne was clearly pushed out by cook and co, Dunne made it clear he wanted to stay at City. As for laughing all the way to the bank, he deserved all of that money, money that you and me both would have made sure we got if we were in his boat.

    "China and India are gagging for football content to watch and we’re going to tell them that City is their content. We need a superstar to get through that door. Richard Dunne doesn’t roll off the tongue in Beijing."

    That sums up Cook's plans for Dunney.