Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cardiff City vs Man City live stream information

Todays match is on SkySports 1 but for those who do not have SkySports there are 37 stations up to now that should be available to watch today's match against Cardiff City.

I know a lot of people are familiar with online streaming now but for those that are not, this should help.

If you go to the following link then you will see the page that will display the links to watch today's game, the links to the streams will not be displayed until one hour before kick off.

Each link will be run via a different type of software for example you may just be able to click one that will load on your web browser or there will be some where you have to download software.

Each stream will tell you which software it is being run on for example if next to one of the links it says Sopcast you will need to download the Sopcast player software. All software is available via this next link .

The best streams to watch are the ones with the higher Kbps rate, so if one stream says 150 Kbps and one says 2000 Kbps then you choose the latter and this will also help you know which software to download so you can get the best possible stream.

A little heads up I always find Sopcast the best software to use, so it would probably be worth downloading that in preparation for when the game links are announced.

Hopefully this was helpful and not confusing. I think everyone should be able to understand once you explore the links, it is quite straight forward.


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