Sunday, 2 June 2013

Transfers, who do the fans want?

Ferran Soriano has recently stated that City were at the closing phase with several players and although he also said that it can still take time for the deals to go through, I couldn't help but get a bit excited.

So, I ended up sitting and thinking for a while about what the team needs to improve and to be honest after the season the players have just had, you could say that what is needed is more effort, saying that there is a few positions that I do believe need strengthening.

The midfield was clearly the main area of concern last season and at times was just non existent, although this was sometimes down to just pure laziness, it was also because of tactics. Sometimes certain players in the midfield didn't look comfortable in their positions and to be honest I don't think some of them knew where they were supposed to be playing at times, it was as a whole shambolic at times.

I don't have any major issues with the other areas in the team, although obviously we need to get that fourth striker in and depending on certain players staying or going we may need to replace people, but I am not going to speculate too much on positions already filled because basically there's no point until someone leaves.


So, I will start at the back with goalkeeper. Costel may be leaving and in such an event it is hard to say who we can get in to replace him, if Costel leaves a good option as back up keeper could be Cristian Alvarez, the Argentine is a competent keeper who has come on a lot in the last couple of seasons at Espanyol and from what I know he is out of contract this summer.

Back four - the starting back four of Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic and Clichy does not need to be changed in my opinion. I think all we are looking for in defence are reinforcements, Kolo as far as I'm concerned has wrongly been allowed to leave and now he needs replacing. Obviously Micah Richards can come in at centre half if needed, but I think we will look to bring a centre half in.

There is quite a few good young centre halves around at the moment but it would mean spending good money on someone to come in and be a fringe player. For the sake of value and sporting reasons I would go and have a look at signing Argentine International Marcos Rojo from Sporting Lisbon, he is a young improving player that can play centre half and left back, he may also be available cheap considering Sporting's financial problems.


By far the area of the team that needs improving the most, we need more variation so finally getting linked with wingers is promising, good teams with good width works, you just need to look down the road to see that.

Jesus Navas and 'Isco' seem to be the names in the frame for these positions. Navas I have admired for years, he is a quality winger and should of been playing for a big club years ago, hopefully he can overcome his homesickness and make the move.

 Isco, I have only seen this lad a few times and sometimes he has looked decent and sometimes he hasn't, but like I said not really seen enough of him to give him a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Other players I would be looking at in these positions would be Iker Muniain, Pedro and Marco Reus. Muniain is young but has been very impressive for Athletico Bilbao, I think he is good enough to make the move to City and he can only get better.

Pedro would be a slight long shot, I don't think Barcelona would particularly want to sell him, but having spent big on Neymar, I think a cheeky enquiry would be worth while for such a talented player.

Marco Reus, well this guy is absolute class, more an attacking midfielder than a winger I know, but he can play anywhere along the front line and would be a brilliant acquisition. He works hard, he is skilful, he can score goals and he is young, he would be top of my list this summer.


We only have Aguero whose future at the Club seems clear after signing his new deal, as for Dzeko and Tevez who knows what's going to happen.

What I would like to see happen is for Tevez to sign a new deal and for Dzeko to stay put. Tevez is quality it is as simple as that concerning him, he seems more settled now, so get him sat down and on a new deal.

As for Dzeko, he frustrates me so much, he has a lot more to offer than he does at times. He can be very lazy and too casual but when he looks interested and works hard he looks the business, I wouldn't be gutted to see him leave but considering he does still score goals and for the sake of not unsettling the team even more, I would keep him.

So if all that were to go to plan then we still need a fourth striker, but who? Cavani is the main name being talked about at the moment and you certainly can't argue with his stats. Problem for me is that he has declared that it is his dream to play in Spain, so I would tend to leave him where he is rather than spending a lot of money on someone who doesn't really want to be at our club.

There isn't going to be a vast amount of quality strikers available this summer but there is a couple of decent players that I think should be considered. My preference would be Stephan El Shaarawy from AC Milan, El Shaarawy has made the transition from midfield to a forward and is now on his way to being classed as a striker. He has scored 19 goals this season and at 20 years of age I think he would be a great investment for the present and future.

Alternatively, Gonzalo Higuain has just announced that he is leaving Real Madrid and if a deal with Juventus isn't already signed, I would think about making an enquiry. I know a lot of people who don't rate Higuain that highly but I have always thought he was a good striker and more importantly he scores goals.

We may however already have a striker at the club that is good enough, especially just to fill the fourth striker spot. John Guidetti, it is about time John got a chance in a City shirt, he is of an age where it needs to be decided if he is good enough or not and I personally would like to see him get a chance at the club.

So that's just my opinion on some of the players that I think would be good additions to our squad, I am aware, that there are many more options than I have listed and maybe better options as well, but that's what my blog is about, the opinion of the fans. So, WHAT DO YOU THINK?


  1. The transfers I really want to happen in attack are navas, Isco/Reus and higuain. If we sell a striker, say dzeko, I would say get Reus in or maybe alternatively as I also don't particularly want Tevez or Džeko (when interested) to leave, maybe what I would say is sell Nasri and get reus in to replace him,a strike force of Agüero, Tevez, higuain and Džeko with a midfield of silva, reus, navas, Milner and Isco wouldn't be bad!

    1. I would take getting rid of Nasri for Reus, although I do think it will be a shame to see Nasri go without us seeing the real him consistently because I do think he is good enough to make the grade.

      Thanks for commenting and please if you can leave your name in future, it's much better for me to answer you when I can put a name with a comment ;)

  2. i think navas and or reus would be a great addition if it happens and yes the defensive four is only in need of back up . as for our strikers , i like cavani as his stats are so impressive but i too find his desire to play at real madrid a bad thing . rather like robinho just there for the money before moving on and not really trying his best for our club . yes pedro or benteke might be good as they are both young but i want to see guidetti given his chance! i also think playing two wingers we might see the best of dzeko ,might be better than spending mega money on cavani .

    1. Your bang on David, wingers will improve Dzeko. Dzeko has always moved well but with out supply it's no good to anyone. Thanks for taking time to have your say.