Monday, 13 May 2013

Some fans turning on Mancini, why?

Remember this?

As is well publicised, Roberto may be for the sack and as if that was not enough, a lot of City fans all of a sudden seem to want him out of the door as well.

I am not for one minute ignoring the tactical errors and just down right poor decisions that Roberto has made at times during his tenure, but his success has surely outweighed his failures.

I didn't really want to go into a debate on Roberto Mancini and his future until it was confirmed, however I have been left slightly infuriated by some of the articles popping up on other City fan sites.

I just cannot understand the lack of loyalty, as I said Roberto is not perfect but he has still brought us and our club the most success we have had for some time.

A lot of City fans seem to have forgot it has only been a few years since we came into the vast riches that are available at the club, Roberto for me has more than delivered in that time. A lot of City fans need to be brought back down to earth, just remember where we have come from.

Roberto managed us to an FA CUP and a LEAGUE TITLE, it was his team that went to Old Trafford and beat not just our rivals, but a great team 1-6. Roberto mastered 19 home wins in a row, he is the one that has seen us into the champions league 3 years running and you know what I will mention the latest final we got into because although we lost, a few years ago we wouldn't of dreamt of being in the FA Cup final let alone 2 in the space of 2 years.

Mancini in my opinion should keep his job at City for at least another season, although he has made his mistakes this season, the players have not helped him. Just look at the final of the cup, they did not look like men who were busting a gut to win a trophy, it is time the players took more responsibility!

We need continuity and although Mancini is more likely to leave than he is to stay, I do not believe it is the right decision. One more season with set goals and targets I could deal with, that would be fair on him and our club.

Just to finish, to me Roberto Mancini will always be a hero, he was the man (along with the backing of the owner of course) that made it possible for me to see City lift two major trophies alongside my Dad, something not that long ago I thought I would never get to do.


  1. I don't think there are a lot of City fans turning against Mancini but the ones that are should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    In sacking Mancini and the whole way the clubs senior management have handled this whole tawdry affair they have shown themselves to be contradictory and incompetent.

    Mancini will never be forgoten by real City fans.

    The plastics can start supporting ManU.

  2. hahaha gud u a$$holes