Sunday, 13 January 2013

Man City 0 - 0 Birmingham City

Oh dear oh dear, what on earth is going on!? If I said I was disappointed then that would be a major understatement.

I don't have a clue what is going on in the managers head at the moment, I just know that it isn't the same thing that is going on in every single City fans head.

What would be wrong with a normal formation where the players play in their proper positions, instead of these mystery tactics that Mancini is using.

I saw problems coming as soon as I saw the team sheet today, Milner on the left, Zabaleta dropped after playing well against United and Tevez was left all alone up front again.

As individuals the players are playing reasonably well but when it comes to being a unit, they are poor. Sometimes the players look like they don't know where they are supposed to be playing themselves, so it kind of forces them to settle into their own formation and it just is not working. In turn the midfield is forever over packed because some of the players look scared to find themselves too far forward or too far back so instead seem to settle for 'safety' and sit in the middle of the pitch.

As for scoring goals well Roberto must think Tevez is supernatural, I am getting fed up of seeing Tevez up front alone and looking at his body language today he is fed up of it as well. We have strikers in the squad that are good enough to play in the Premier League but it seems Mancini does not have the same feelings, if that is the case why didn't he sign another one in the summer?

Basically we are poor at the moment and it is down to both players and manager but definitely more so the manager and I will be honest after seeing Barry come on for Tevez today I was all for Mancini getting sacked while he was still on his touchline. I have however calmed down and really above anything else we really don't need to change managers again, saying that if it does happen then will I be bothered? The answer is not really.

It is baffling to see what is going on at the moment but we will just have to plod on and see how things pan out as we always do.

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  1. I think you're on to something Gary, the thing that worries me about Mancini is his stubborn adherence to the system that served him so well at Inter but does not appear to work in the EPL. We are far too cautious and predictable in our play and it looks to create doubt and hesitation in the players. I think he would be better served by finding a system that maximizes the abilities and potential of the players at his disposal rather than force them into a system which clearly handcuffs them.

    I'm also deeply concerned about his man management skills. This team lacks conviction and courage and I think that owes a great deal to Mancini's safety first, play not to lose mentality. This team lacks an"over my dead body" attitude, especially when Tevez is absent. Can you see this team as it currently plays under Mancini, being 2-0 down with 10 minutes to go salvaging a 2-2 draw? Neither can I. I simply don't think its in Mancini's DNA to take risks of any kind. The argument that he can't is nonsense.

    If Mancini had played to win win against United and Birmingham we could have had six points and be in second with some breathing room between fifth place. Even if we had come up empty we'd still be in fourth on 21 poiunts rather than 23 point.

    finally I'm very concerned with the callous indifference he shows to some of players. Besides alienating and loaning out Bellamy and Onouha, he's now frozen out SWP, while Patrick Veira, who is well past his expiration date continues to find a place on bench and he also continues to give time to players like Yaya Toure who are on the whole, putting in subpar performances. I don't think things will get
    better unless Mancini changes his ways,which I don't see happening as he seems to rigid and obtuse.