Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Two calls for help!

As you may have seen I am back and will be changing the blogs name, however it does not seem I can change the web address without losing my followers, page rankings etc. If anybody knows how I can change the web address but link it to the old one so people are redirected to the new one could you please email me at, any help would be much appreciated.

Secondly on the back of a few suggestions for the new name of the blog I am welcoming any further ideas before I go with the one that had been lined up, if you could send any ideas to also that would be great. Thanks.


  1. weve got roonyho

  2. becausewecan

  3. How about "we've not got Robinho"

  4. who needs robinho

  5. How about "We've got almost everyone else worth having, but got rid of the waste of space called Robinho"

    More seriously, you cold try "We got deep pockets".



  6. How about starting a whole new blog but transfering your archive to the new one.

    Then put a permanent link on this blog directing viewers to your new blog.

    Then everytime you write an article on your new blog, you create another article on this blog directing your viewers to your new blog.

    You should only have to do this for a short time as your viewers will get used to viewing your new blog.


    You could answer my email and come join me over at 'This is our City', the offer still stands.

  7. Seriously, keep it as it is. It makes it slightly more tongue in cheek, plus sets down the marker where it all began in the brave new era. I know he didn't offer much to the cause, but surely that is part of the City rollercoaster and a good reminder also?

  8. Heavyriffs that is a seriously good way to view it and it has got me thinking, thanks.

    Cityblue, I will have a look at my emails and then let you know in a few days, luckily I have a few offers to mull over in that respect, cheers m8.

  9. Heavyriffs, if you don't mind drop me an email incase I want to involve you in anything in the future, I like the way you think.