Sunday, 11 April 2010

Man City 5 - 1 Birmingham City - *Video*

Goals from Tevez, Adebayor, and our very own true blue Nedum Onuoha helped us to an impressive victory over Birmingham. Goals and highlights below!

This really was a good win today, Birmingham have been a very good side all season. I did expect us to beat them at home but putting five past them sends out a strong message to our remaining opponents, we just need to keep it up now.

It has not been hard to turn ourselves back into a free scoring good attacking team, all that has happened is a slight change of tactics. We have not been sitting deep and instead have been holding a higher line, teams just can not handle us when we play that way.

The players attitude has had a lot to do with our good form as well, they all seem up for the challenge which is something that I don't think we were seeing enough of on a regular basis. Mancini has to be given credit as well, he has made these changes and seems to have injected some passion into the team, lets hope he can cope with the pressure and grab that fourth place for us.

Fourth place is certainly ours for the taking now and although I don't think we should get excited just yet, I do have a feeling that we may actually have something to smile about come the end of the season for a change. Come on lads you can do it!!!!!!!

Goals and highlights.


  1. For me, this was our best home performance of the season and although the pen was a tad soft I thought everyone had decent games and the passing was high tempo and much crisper.
    Lookin' good.

    Missed MOTD so cheers for the re-run, Gary.


  3. Where's Robinho now faggots? Oh right earning his trade somewhere decent. Small time cunts.

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